Propel © Sōzō



What is Propel? Propel is our first ministry group off of sōzō created for high schoolers. Propel means to drive, push, or cause to move in a particular direction, typically forward. This is why our mission statement is leading forward: Propel is a place for high schoolers to learn what it means to lead in life.

Propel is not meant to replace sōzō, but to enhance it.

Who’s invited? Any high schooler, grades 9-12.

When and where do you meet? We meet every other weekend, generally on Sundays. Every week is a new activity outside of our church walls. Every week we will announce the activity, place, time, and cost of our meeting (SEE ABOVE).

What are some activities you do? Bonfires, mini golf, kayaking, hiking, bowling, paintball, and more. (Please note: Activities that cost money will generally not be covered)

What do you talk about? We are going through the Christian Atheist small group series by Craig Groeschel. Feel free to purchase the book or discussion book on Amazon!