The Proof That We Are Saved By God

Have you ever given up a day and volunteered somewhere?  Years ago, MRC led the Youth Impact Project.  It was incredible.  We helped financially struggling families prepare their kids for school.  It took all year long to plan for this one event.  It impacted thousands of families.  It was exhausting and it was awesome.  We walked away from that event feeling so tired and so fulfilled.  I’ll never forget the stories of the families who we helped. Have . . . Read More »

God Wants Character Development More Than Comfort

To the men out there, have you ever been working around the house and needed a tool to help you?  And if you are near the kitchen, isn’t it just easier to grab a kitchen knife or fork to help fix whatever you are fixing?  What happens?  We end up bending the knife or fork and we try to bend it back and put it back into the drawer.  Now, I have never done this, but I heard . . . Read More »

What Does It Mean to Trust God?

Last week Sam shared a Harvard Business School study.  They asked one question.  Do you have a set written goals and created a plan for their attainment?  Prior to graduation, it was determined that 84% of the entire class had set no goals at all.  13% of the class had set written goals but had no concrete plans.  3% of the class had both written goals and concrete plans. What was the result 10 years later?  The 13% of . . . Read More »

We Really Have No Idea What God Is Up To

My main point today is that we really have no idea how God works or how God wants to grow His kingdom.  We don’t.  God seems to work quietly.  God seems to take His time.  God seems to allow good and bad things to happen to us while His plans unfold.  In all of it, as we look back over our lives, we can see how God loved us or protected us or was trying to get our . . . Read More »

What Does it Look Like to Wait for Jesus’ Return?

The Parable Series we are in is winding down.  We will be starting a new series called ‘Do I Matter?’ in a couple of weeks.  In our new series we will be handing out a 40-day daily devotional to walk through.  Actually, it’s 42 days because the book we rewritten, and they added 2 more days.  We are praying that this coming Thanksgiving and Christmas Season will be a time for you to discover just how much you . . . Read More »

Our Culture: From Godly To Godless in 100 Years

Do you know anyone who says, “Things are great and getting better every day”?  I don’t either.  I tend to be a pretty optimistic person but it’s true that things feel more and more chaotic.  Things feel more intense than ever before.  Everyone seems so divided.  Everyone seems on edge.  People report feeling overwhelmed, tired, and distracted. And as Christians we have questions for God – don’t we?  Over the last couple years, people have asked me the . . . Read More »

Killing Jesus in Our Lives

In Matthew 21, Jesus enters Jerusalem to celebrate Passover.  Passover was a celebration that everyone in Israel was expected to celebrate so everyone is converging into the city.  It’s like seeing a team win a super bowl and the city throws them a parade, everyone shows up. It’s this week when Jesus is betrayed and crucified.  Remember, it wasn’t long ago that Jesus raised Lazarus from the dead.  Jesus is super popular as he enters the city. Everyone . . . Read More »

Forgiveness Involves Three People

Last week, we shared how Jesus rocked the disciple’s understanding about God’s kingdom.  They just didn’t understand it.  They viewed Jesus as the Messiah who would take out Rome with an army and establish a new Kingdom.  They thought Jesus would be next King and they would have the key power spots around Jesus.  Because of this they argued with each other about who was the greatest.  Remember we explained how they wanted power, position, and statues? They . . . Read More »

What The World Thinks Is Great Doesn’t Transfer Into The Kingdom

God’s kingdom is in complete conflict with the kingdom you and I live in.  In our world, our understanding of greatness is only available to a few.  It’s based on money, achievement, education, power, beauty, title, or followers on social media.  In God’s kingdom, it’s radically different.  Greatness is available to everyone.  It’s based on the condition of our hearts and how we love and serve others. This is why as a Christian; you can feel conflict as . . . Read More »

I Used To Be Excited About God, Now, Not So Much

Have you ever wondered why people respond so differently to God?  For example, why would five kids in the same house with the same parents in the same church have five different reactions to God?  One may grow up and be deeply in love with God and walk with humility.  One may grow up and be okay with God on Christmas Eve and Easter but nothing more.  One may grow up and walk completely against how they were . . . Read More »