I’m Depressed, Where Is God?

Welcome to our series called ‘Soul Care’.  Soul Care is about us dealing directly with mental health issues.  Today we will talk about depression.  But quickly, remember Sam’s talk on discouragement last week?  It was an excellent talk about how life circumstances lead us to be discouraged.  Sam said discouragement in our lives is a soul issue.  Discouragement is how our soul processes adversity, challenges, and trials in our lives.  He then gave four steps to help overcome . . . Read More »

Change or Die

Imagine a doctor meeting with their patient.  In that meeting, the doctor says, “You have one year to live.  However, if you change your habits, what you eat, and how you exercise, you will live for years for years and years.  The bottom line is, you must change, or you will die in one year.” Here is my question for you.  How many people do you think, when confronted with a demand to change or die, make the . . . Read More »

Why Do Bad Things Happen To Me?

When I was younger, I didn’t understand these verses. I waited and waited and waited for God. At last he looked; finally he listened. He lifted me out of the ditch, pulled me from deep mud. He stood me up on a solid rock to make sure I wouldn’t slip. He taught me how to sing the latest God-song, a praise-song to our God. More and more people are seeing this: they enter the mystery, abandoning themselves to . . . Read More »

Greatest Relationship Principle When Things Get Messy

Welcome to our deep dive into Proverbs.  We are slowing down and looking at the major themes we see in Proverbs and talking about them.  We talked about words.  We talked about the battle between humility and pride.  What Godly success looks like.  Last week Sam talked about the fact that we can’t hide who we really are, it comes out.  Remember the one statement he kept repeating?  You simply can’t hide your heart.  It comes out, it . . . Read More »

Godly Success in this World Explained

Today we continue to take a deep dive into Proverbs.  That simply means we are pulling out the bigger topics of Proverbs and taking the time to talk about them.  Last week Sam pulled out a huge theme that is all through Proverbs.  What is it?  The battle between humility and pride.  I don’t know what you took from his message but it was very helpful and very clear.  He shared a quote with us that really helped . . . Read More »

Top Three Reasons Why People Remain Spiritual Victims

When I was in High School, I had a 1968 cherry red Ford Mustang with a 302 engine in it.  I was in great condition too.  I worked as a dishwasher at a restaurant called Ponderosa.  For Central Pa, it was a Hosses.  I would drive to work and park in the back.  Every time the trash needed to be taken out, I was the guy to take care of it so I would push the trash to . . . Read More »

How Do I Prepare To Meet With God?

Does this phrase sound familiar?  You reap what you sow.  That was Sam’s talk from Proverbs last week.  Just an awesome talk.  We reap what we sow in this life and in eternity.  Remember the words of Jesus that Sam gave us?  Jesus said this. 21 Knowing the correct password – saying ‘Master, Master,’ for instance – isn’t going to get you anywhere with me. What is required is serious obedience – doing what my Father wills. 22 . . . Read More »

Walking With God, Is It Spiritual Or Is It Practical?

Today, we talk about how to live out the Christian life.  Is it practical or is it spiritual?  How, as disciples of Jesus, do we take on the day?  We ask, as a Christian, how do you live with a successful mindset?   I want to start with two stories.  Story 1.  A man came to Church, and he looked tired.  He shared with me why he looked tired.  His wife left him.  His daughter wouldn’t talk to him.  . . . Read More »

How Do I Experience God?

We are walking through the book of Proverbs.  What makes Proverbs so great is how clear it is.  And as we read Proverbs, it forces us to decide how we will live out our life.  There is a wise way to live and a foolish way to live.  You can choose to be wise or be a fool.  Proverbs doesn’t stop there.  Proverbs then explains the ramifications of the choice you make.  You can choose to be wise . . . Read More »

The Greatest Challenge to Life Isn’t Other People

I have 3 questions for you today. Question 1: When we look back on our lives, in general, what is it that we can think about, focus on and feel?  We tend to remember our hurts, wounds, and regrets.  If we aren’t forgiving, we can hold grudges against people.  And if we don’t forgive ourselves, we can live in regret for our bad choices. Question 2: When we look into the future, in general, what is it that . . . Read More »