Maybe the Way We are Living is Ruining Us?

Maybe the way we are living is ruining us.  Maybe the way the Apostle Paul lived would bring us to life.  Today I want to share with you ‘the secret’ to living a life that is content.  To do this, I want to share with you what Paul wrote.  Who is Paul?  Paul comes from a violent life.  The closest understanding we have of who Paul was; is a mafia hit man.  Our introduction to Paul was a young man . . . Read More »

Life Changing Principle

Do you feel stuck?  In your marriage.  At work.  At church.  In school.  Do you feel stuck?  Do you wish you could see life clearly?  Do you struggle knowing what decision to make?  I think a lot of people who go to church feel stuck too.  We are tired, stressed, depressed, addicted and so frustrated. Today, I want to share with you the one thing that will change your life forever.  It will give you clarity on your . . . Read More »

Sometimes You've Just Got To Do Something

So we are in a series where we are focusing this question…When life happens what do you see?  We have established a couple things through the first few talks.  We have looked at David’s three mighty men, and how they lived their lives.  We looked at how when everyone ran away, and saw defeat…they saw opportunities to succeed.  The Bible says, it’s just how these guys lived, it’s who they were.  Last week Ken spoke to us about . . . Read More »

Defining Moments of Your Life

There are moments in life that will define you.  Great life examples would be getting married, having a child or starting a business.  There are spiritual moments too.  The day you decide to follow Christ with all your heart, that is a huge defining moment.  The day you make the choice to forgive and allow all that bitterness, hurt and anger to. Let me say a couple things about these key moments. They are life changing.  Your choice . . . Read More »

"The Three" When Life Hits…What Do You See?

So here we go, for the next five weeks we are going to look at and learn from some incredible people in scripture and how they responded when life happened.  These are real people, like you and me who were asked by God to risk everything.  They had decisions to make, to either make a stand, to risk it all, or not.  So as we look at their lives, your challenge is to look at how they responded, . . . Read More »

Fear, Failure and the Fear of Failure

The greatest way to live is to fight and overcome your fear.  The opposite of this is true too.  The worst way to live is to allow fear to determine how you live.  Today I want to talk about fear, failure and everyone’s struggle with the fear of failure. Real fast, let’s talk about fear, there is good fear and bad fear.  I don’t want to play soccer on Rt 15 or the Turnpike.  Why?  I would be . . . Read More »

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Turn Around

So we are in this Fight series, Ken and I have been having so much fun with this series so far!  I’m actually really thankful to continue the discussion this week.  We are focusing on Section 4 of the Fight book entitled “Small Steps, Big Destruction.”  Boy, oh boy can I relate to this.  We talked some about my story the last time I spoke, and we really focused on rock bottom for me.  The reality as I . . . Read More »

Men Are Emotional

When we opened this series, we spoke about the difference between boys and men.  We said, boys decide life is about them.  As a result, everyone around them has do more work for them.  At three, it’s cute.  At 33, it’s embarrassing.  A man decides to take his strength to protect and give life to those around him.  As a result, everyone around them does less work.  We defined a man as someone understands my strength is to . . . Read More »

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